Living The American Dream

I’m living the American Dream. I say that quite often. As a matter of fact, I say that every time someone asks me how I’m doing that day. I’ve been told the expression makes people sick. They believe me to be a liar, they say no one believes me, they say that it can’t be true.


I’ve made mistakes, I’ve fallen farther than I ever believe possible, but I pulled myself up. I take the opportunity every day to stand a little straighter when they try to bend me. I speak a little louder to rise above their malefic murmurings. I smile a little brighter when they try to cast their failings on me because I’m living the American Dream.

But that can’t be true.

And why not? Because you’re not living it? Sorry to say at 21 years old I have more self-assurance than you do in your advanced years. My deepest apologies that I have conquered the tumults, the tragedies, the existential despair that you have become ensnared in because I AM living the American Dream. 

It makes me sick when you say that.

Do I make you sick when I say a simple phrase? Or is the cutting reality of your own weakness what sets your stomach in knots? What’s more nauseating, my optimism or your perennial pessimism? Take a moment and think about it, I implore you.

It is so easy, I promise. The American Dream isn’t having a McMansion, a white picket fence made in China, 2.5 kids in an unhappy marriage. No, the American Dream is knowing you have the choice to make tomorrow just an inch better than today.

So yes, I am living the American Dream. Won’t you stop complaining about it and just join me?


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